London Vet Show 2017

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16th & 17th
November 2017

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Initial Conference Programme 2017

rvcWe are delighted to announce the initial speaker programme for the London Vet Show 2017. Once again programmed by Jill Maddison of the Royal Veterinary College this year’s programme sees a great balance of new speakers and returning favourites.



Session Title


Medical Mystery Tour David Church
Optimising outcome in our canine and feline orthopaedic patients - there's much more to it than just the surgery itself! Heidi Radke 
This young dog is lame - approaches to joint problems in adolescent dogs Heidi Radke 
Psychosocial and related practical aspects of grief for dogs, cats and horses, and seven common myths Caroline Hewson 
The ABC yardstick for deciding when euthanasia is now in an animal’s best interests/The six-step process for handling vet-client PTS disputes Caroline Hewson 
Managing epilepsy - beyond drugs Holger Volk
More than one problem - assessing and managing the patient with neurological and skeletal disease Holger Volk and Nacho Calvo
More than one problem - Diabetes and hyperadrencorticism - diagnostic and treatment challenges Stijn Niessen
More than one problem - Kidney disease and hyperthyroidism - diagnostic and treatment challenges Rosanne Jepson
More than one problem - Old cat with CKD and a bad mouth - is it really safe to recommend a dental? Liz Chan and  Rachel Perry
Closing wounds: tips, tricks and updates Vicky Lipscomb
Help me with my surgical haemoabdomen, when and how to operate! Vicky Lipscomb
Investigation of cruciate disease in the dog - does surgical technique really make a difference to outcome? Elvin Kulendra
Potential disasters in fracture management and how to avoid them. Elvin Kulendra
Cardiac biomarkers – how helpful are they in assessing dogs and cats with heart disease? Also – as a total non-cardiologist – can you tell me which biomarkers you are talking about and whether all are available easily to general practitioners (and how much they cost)?   Kieran Borgeat
Decision making in cats with arterial thromboembolism – what are the options and what influences prognosis? Kieran Borgeat
The EPIC study - what does it really mean for my patients? Adrian Boswood
How can I find dogs with heart disease that will benefit from early therapy? Adrian Boswood
Canine chronic hepatitis: Latest thoughts on aetiology, diagnosis and management. Nick Bexfield
 How do I manage the cat with suspected liver disease? An evidence based approach. Nick Bexfield
New insulins and re-evaluation of monitoring for hyperadrenocorticism – what’s changed in endocrine land? Stijn Niessen
Small mammal challenge 1: The guinea pig with weight loss” Jo Hedley
Small mammal challenge 2: The geriatric rat Jo Hedley
Reptile challenge: The tortoise that won’t eat Jo Hedley
Tips and tricks for maximising the value of dental radiology in your practice Simone Kirby
Urinary tract infections in dogs and cats – are antibiotics always necessary? Rosanne Jepson
The preventative care and repeat meds consult – why aren’t clients satisfied with what we offer?  Zoe Belshaw
Diagnosis and management of hypoadrenocorticism in 2017 – what’s changed? David Church



The companion animal stream will again be programmed by Jill Maddison from the RVC. Each year the country’s leading speakers educate on the conditions affecting your practice.


Programmed by the RVC Equine and the BVA in partnership with BEVA, enables the mixed practitioner to learn new skills and knowledge to take back to their practice and use in their day to day work.


The BVA farm stream is aimed at the general practitioner, particularly those in mixed practice who may not be treating farm animals exclusively.


The business programme brings together the leading thinkers in the industry to discuss the processes, models and principles that can take your practice to the next level.

BVA Congress

Proud to host: BVA Congress is the major event in the veterinary political calendar bringing veterinary surgeons together to debate and discuss the hot topics of the day.

BVA Career Development

The BVA Career Development stream is now open to all delegates. The sessions will provide personal and professional development for all career stages.

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